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Kindergarten - 6th Grade

Develop Key Skills & A Love For Learning

We want your child to start strong in their educational journey. This means getting a solid academic foundation, but it’s much more than that. 

The elementary school years are crucial in a student’s creative, academic, physical, social, and spiritual development. It’s the time when their minds and hearts are most receptive and impressionable. 

That’s why we invest so much in delivering a quality, Christian education to our elementary school kids. We want them to fall in love with learning and develop the skills they need to succeed, so when they transition to junior high, they will grow deep roots in their faith.

Helping Elementary Students Thrive…

We cherish and celebrate your child’s creative potential. That’s why every elementary student participates in music and art programs designed to expand their creativity and nurture their artistic talents. Twice a year, they showcase these talents in musical productions, which are a highlight for our student community. Students also participate in various art competitions throughout the year. They not only earn superior ribbons but also frequently win “Best in Show.”

At FCS, your student will flourish in a dynamic environment that goes beyond the classroom walls. Our creative, caring, and qualified teachers capture students’ interest with engaging lessons that help to establish a strong academic base. 

Academic exploration continues beyond the classroom through educational field trips to places like the Phoenix or Wildlife World Zoo, Pioneer Arizona, Phoenix Symphony Hall, and the Arizona Science Center, to name a few. These trips enhance our curriculum and expand our students’ perspectives.

To further enrich our students’ educational journey, students may participate in various activities, including the Spelling Bee, Math by Mail, Speech Meet, STEM fair, and Science Extravaganza. 

We maintain high standards for our students, encouraging them to reach their highest potential. By maintaining low student-to-teacher ratios, we facilitate personalized attention and individualized instruction for each student.

When it comes to healthy living, we believe in “start strong, stay strong.” Developing healthy habits early on significantly improves the likelihood of continuing to make good choices long-term. 

We teach these vital habits through a physical education (PE) class and sports clubs. All students participate in PE. 6th graders are encouraged to join our volleyball and soccer teams as time and space allow, kickstarting their development in these sports. Additionally, our running club prepares students for a 5k race in the spring, and we may offer other clubs, such as ultimate frisbee, on a year-to-year basis.

Spiritual development is integral to our elementary education program. Starting each day with pledges, prayer, and devotions, we instill a routine of spirituality that underscores the importance of faith in daily life. Our Christ-centered curriculum is enriched with Christian teachings designed to cultivate a deep understanding of Biblical principles alongside academic excellence.

Weekly chapel services, various service projects, and extracurricular activities offer students practical opportunities to live out their faith in a safe, supportive environment.

We nurture the social development of our elementary students through a blend of service and foundational Biblical principles. Young learners are introduced to leadership and the joy of serving others through age-appropriate service projects organized by our teachers and various school organizations. These projects are designed to be meaningful and engaging, allowing students to experience the impact of their contributions firsthand.

To complement this hands-on approach to learning, we focus on the Fruit of the Spirit as a guide for developing essential social skills that we refer to as “spiritual attitudes.” Each classroom features behavioral posters with messages such as “Joy: I look my best when I am wearing a smile” and “Peace: I will not fight, argue, or use hurtful words towards one another.” These simple yet profound reminders help embed values of kindness, patience, and self-control into our students’ daily interactions.



Meagan Pronozuk

4th Grade


Grace Grettenberger

5th Grade


Pam James

6th Grade, Elementary Drama Director


Cherée Warwick

Elementary STEP Teacher


Give your student a great start.

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