Spiritual Formation

Cultivating Faith and Character

Our greatest desire is that each student would develop a lasting relationship with Jesus, carrying their personal faith and a Biblical worldview into their future lives, families, and workplaces. 

That’s why we keep God’s Word at the center of all we do. 

At Faith Christian School, the Bible shapes how we teach, how we treat one another, and how we view the world around us. 

Students are challenged to grow spiritually during the course of their education at FCS. Dedicated teachers and staff facilitate students’ growth by providing intensive Biblical training, a Christian worldview, an intentional discipleship program, servant-leadership development, and opportunities for daily worship.

How We Invest in Spiritual Growth

Intensive Biblical Training

Our Bible classes are treated with the same academic seriousness as other subjects. These classes aren’t Bible studies or Sunday School lessons but are designed to challenge students at an age-appropriate level — with upper grades being educated on a similar level to a Bible college or seminary. The aim is to see students gain deeper Biblical knowledge and stronger personal faith.

Worldview Integration

We use the PEERS test to identify each student’s worldview when they begin their high school journey at Faith. This tool allows us to evaluate their current perspective and know better how to help them grow in understanding and embracing the Bible as the basis for all other beliefs regarding Political, Economic, Educational, Religious, and Social issues.

Intentional Discipleship Program

Students are trained in spiritual truths, spiritual attitudes, and spiritual disciplines through our discipleship program. Our curriculums, activities, and even classroom decorations focus on the fruits of the Spirit and lead students toward godly behavior.  School leaders visit the elementary level classrooms throughout the week to work one-on-one with students, equipping them with the tools they need to grow as disciples of Christ.  As students grow and progress in their personal discipleship, they are invited to join our Fishers program, where they are taught and given opportunities to be disciple-makers by mentoring peers or younger students.

Servant Leadership Development

Jesus said, “Whoever desires to be great among you must become your servant.” (Matt. 20:26)  Our Student Leadership Council, mission trips, and service project opportunities are just some of the ways we impart this truth to our students. Students are encouraged to take their Biblical knowledge seriously by living it out in service to others.

Worship as a Spiritual Discipline

Weekly chapel services and other worship opportunities are integral to our spiritual life at FCS. We build one another up during corporate worship gatherings by singing and hearing the Scriptures taught by qualified men in our community. We also practice daily worship by praising God together in our classrooms.

Give Your Student a Solid Foundation in God’s Word

Discover how Faith Christian School can help you “raise your child up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord,” directing them towards personal faith and a Biblical worldview.

A Quality Education & Solid Foundation

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