CAPSS: The Portrait of an FCS Graduate


Writing in all caps makes a statement.

It is bold. It’s unexpected. When you see it, you can’t help but take note. 

Our prayer is that the same would be true for students who graduate from Faith Christian School. 

Our hope is that they will make a statement in the way they study, work, love, and serve. That they will be bold in their obedience to Christ. That they will stand out from the crowd — not because they are seeking attention, but because the quality of their character and the depth of their faith can’t be ignored. 

We call this vision for every student CAPSS — an acronym representing our commitment to invest in students in five key areas. 

God willing, a student who graduates from Faith Christian School will be working toward his or her highest potential…


by appreciating the fine arts as an expression of God’s handiwork through creation and developing their gifts to glorify God.


by becoming lifelong learners who have mastered the fundamental academic skills necessary to logically and competently defend the gospel and other truths both written and verbally when challenged.


by caring for their bodies through physical fitness, good health habits, and wise use of the body as a temple of God to be used for Kingdom service.


by becoming true disciples and demonstrating the ability to use tools to discern truth, apply Christian worldview, and lead others to a saving knowledge of our Savior.


by becoming servant-leaders, not influenced by the world and culture, discovering their God-purposed role in all aspects of their community according to a Christian world-and-life-view.

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