How To Create the Ultimate Homework Station

Homework can often be overwhelming for students, so it can be a big help when their study spot is organized, calm, and even a little cute! Watch below to see a cluttered workspace become a study oasis. Help your student focus and succeed!

One of the most important things we can do for our kids is to provide them with an effective working space when they are doing their homework.  With the proper organization and all their supplies at their fingertips, homework time can be more focused and productive.  And who doesn’t love a cute – and inexpensive – space makeover?

1. Create a designated space away from distractions for kids to focus and work

For some kiddos, this is in their room.  For others, it may be at the kitchen table.  For families like mine, it may depend on the kid and on the day.  For my kids, sometimes they need to work at the kitchen table for extra help and some days they need to be in their room for the quiet.

2. Keep supplies close by

On my kitchen table, I have a basket that is designed for plates, utensils, and napkins.  I have plates and napkins in their designated places, but in the utensil spots, I put pencils, pens, scissors, and other supplies we might need on the fly.  This reduces the time we use looking for what we need when we need it when we are working at the table.

3. Get creative with what you have on hand

We all have organizational boxes, bins, and cubbies that we can put to good use.  Find a place to store some extra paper, pens, pencils, colored pencils, scissors and something they always need and never have easy access to…..the stapler!  Get your kids involved and have them create lego storage bins – it will put all those extra legos to good use and give your kiddos ownership of their space.

4. Shop the dollar store

I love the dollar store for all the organizational bins.  Since my youngest wants to work in his room now and doesn’t have a desk just yet, I transformed one of his nightstands into a school workstation using some things I found at home and some things I got at the dollar store!  No more wasting time searching for all the things!

5. Use the wall

A peg board with some storage will help keep a desk area clear – or tack up some wire mesh holders.  This way they have space for all of their necessities AND space to do their work.

With just a little bit of effort and some fun minutes spent organizing, we can create some organization that make our children’s work spaces tidy and help our kids cut down on their homework time.  What is your favorite school organization hack?  Share it in the comments below.

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