Elementary Program

The elementary program of Faith Christian School offers K4 and K5 Kindergarten (half- and full-day) and first through 6th grade. School begins at 8:30 am with pledges, prayer, and devotions before embarking on the learning journey for the day.

We currently accept enrollments year-round depending on available space in the classroom. God has blessed our school with a wonderful group of students who are always excited to make new friends and make new students feel at home. Our big recruitment event that includes an Open House and Kindergarten Roundup usually takes place near the end of February.

K4 Kindergarten

Students who turn 4 by the first day of school will be able to begin our entry-level K4 Kindergarten program. We will use the K4 ABeka curriculum that transitions perfectly into our K5 curriculum the next year. We are very excited about the advantages this holds for our students!

K4/K5 Kindergarten
  • Full-day: Our full-day students begin the day with us at 8:30. Kindergarten uses all ABeka curriculum. Core subjects are generally taught in the morning with various “special” classes given throughout the week. After lunch, students have a short rest time before continuing on with the rest of their day.
  • Half-day: Our half-day students begin the day with us at 8:30 and have the option to stay through lunchtime (12:30). Kindergarten uses all ABeka curriculum. Core subjects are generally taught before lunch, but the pace of the curriculum may require some additional work with parents at home. Half-day students participate in the “special” classes that are offered before lunch.

For additional details about our Kindergarten program, please visit our K4/K5 Kindergarten page.

First through Sixth Grade
  • Our elementary classes currently have the following combination classes: first/second, third/fourth, and fifth/sixth grade. We have found that combined classes offer some wonderful advantages for our students. Content subjects like history, science, and Bible rotate each year, while Math is taught at the student’s grade level. Faith uses Bob Jones Press for English, Reading, History, and Science; A Reason For for Spelling and Handwriting; and ABeka for Math.

We hold our students to a high standard and encourage them in whatever ways possible to work to their highest God-given potential. Our classroom sizes keep the student-to-teacher ratio low. This provides our teachers the opportunity to give a lot of one-on-one attention and individualized teaching to each student. Our teachers are experienced, creative, and loving, and work hard to make learning fun!

Students attend a chapel service every week, and parents are also invited to attend these services. The high school worship team leads the music time, and a speaker is brought in each week to share God’s Word based on the year’s theme verse.

Parents play a vital role in our school as they volunteer in the classroom, help with fundraisers, chaperone field trips, help with playground and lunchroom supervision, and serve in the office.


Kindergarten through 6th Graders take “Special” classes throughout the week to enhance their overall learning experience. All students take Art, Music, Computers, and PE. 3rd-6th graders take an Independent Spanish course and 4th through sixth graders participate in band.

Extra-curricular Activities

We believe that learning can take place both inside the classroom and out. Students generally take educational field trips once a month. Field trips are designed to enhance the learning that is taking place in the classroom and to expose the students to varied experiences throughout the year. Field trips often include a trip to the Phoenix or Wildlife World Zoo, Pioneer Arizona, Phoenix Symphony Hall, Arizona Science Center, various theaters, grocery stores, libraries, museums, fire stations, farms, the Halle Heart Center, and many others. We also take part in educational activities and events that take place in our community on occasion.

ACSI and school-wide meets

Faith Christian School students are given the opportunity to participate in the following ACSI activities each year: Spelling Bee, Math by Mail, and Art Festival.  In addition, all students participate in school-wide activities including a Speech Meet and a Science Extravaganza.

Service Projects

Faith Christian School encourages student leadership by helping students find joy and fulfillment in genuine ministry to others. Teachers plan service projects throughout the year which involve students in significant, age-appropriate ministry opportunities.